Lime elegantly provides our customers with multiple devices emulated with Acustica’s technology, all in one plug-in. It offers the sounds of a legendary inline mixing desk for those seeking a faithful emulation. Lime is no doubt one of the best choice to mix ITB. And as we have done for Sand and Coral, we have created standalone versions for each module of Lime.

This groundbreaking channel strip delivers the quality and versatility to enhance any performance that requires the distinctive British sound. It features preamps, low and hi pass filters, two four-band Eqs (each band switchable!), comp, dynamics side chain. You are free to change their order in the signal path as appropriate by using the 14 routing configurations of the modules. Lime strip includes 8 classic mic and line preamps to add warmth to your sound, the standalone version includes 11 different preamps.

To help unleash the incredible potential of our LIME’s modules, we have created a BUNDLE including each individual module of LIME, enabling sound engineers to use each component separately, with a significant saving in terms of CPU. This will help enhance your mixes ensuring quality, versatility and the distinctive sound peculiar to Acustica’s plugins. We hope LIME CRAZY88  will meet our most demanding customers’ requirements.



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"Great Plugins for good old Germany"

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